Paal Kova Recipe | Milk Khoya | Simple sweet recipe

Getting ready for Diwali??!! Then I hope you might be consciously choosing to prepare some Diwali sweets at home rather than buying it from outside, keeping the current situation in mind.

Paal Kova | milk khoya

So, today I am sharing with you the authentic making of milk khoya at home. It’s pure, creamy and super delicious to have it as it is. 

Paal Kova is my husband’s absolute favourite and I make it very often whenever he craves for it. Now you might be thinking making kova is so time consuming. Why I would like to make it often? I agree that it is time consuming but believe me if you keep few things in mind while preparing this, it will be a breeze. 

Usually whenever I prepare this, I’m able to manage complete my few other kitchen tasks side by side. 
You might have heard or read that it requires your complete attention and energy to stir it continuously. But it is not. Let’s see what all things you need to keep in mind.

1. Use heavy bottomed non-stick pan which is wide too.
Kova is basically made by evaporating all the moisture from the milk. So, if your pan is wide then it will consume less time.

2. Non-stick will prevent the milk solids to stick at the bottom. So, not required to stir continuously.

3. Cook it on high flame. 

I stir it once every time it comes to a boil and rises till the brim of the vessel. Scrape the milk particles from the side of the pan and push it into the milk. 

Use this khoya /Kova to prepare other Diwali sweets.

Paal Khoya Recipe

Cooking time : 40 minutes 
Yields : 250 GMs

1 litre Full cream milk
1/4 c sugar
1 tbsp ghee


1. Heat a heavy bottomed non stick pan.

2. Pour milk and boil on high flame.

3. Once the milk boils and rises to the brim of the vessel, stir it. Scrape the side of the pan, pushing the milk solids into the milk.

4. Continue boiling and repeating the step 3 till the milk reduces and becomes thick in consistency.

5. Add ghee and sugar and mix till well dissolved. Turn off the flame. It thickens once cool. Refrigerate and serve it.

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