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I’m Marina, the cook, writer, photographer and the brain behind the operation of this tiny blog.

Since childhood, I have always found joy around food. Whether it be my mom, inspite of being a working woman, used to take out time preparing new dishes and the whole family enjoying it. Or be it a festive occasion, when each one of the family members would be involved in preparing festive goodies. Those were the times that I cherish till now.

I'm a Keralite, born and brought up in Maharashtra and now living in Bangalore with my husband, an older boy and a baby boy.


Though I started cooking at an early age, it was later in life when I started preparing for my own family that I found my passion for cooking. My brother being my best critic, always encouraged me to try out new dishes. Later I started taking pics on my mobile and shared them with my family members. And since I never jotted the recipe down, I would not be able to replicate them again.

I love tasting new dishes and trying out new recipes in my kitchen with a healthier twist. So, keeping a collection of my own tried and tested recipes online was a great idea.  It helped me improve my photography skills too. Apart from cooking and photography, my other interest lies in painting, stitching and music.

With a constant effort to bring healthier version of the food on the table and breaking the myth ‘healthy is boring’, here through this blog I’m sharing with you my simple and humble recipes.

Do try new recipes and let me know how it came out for you by commenting below the post, rating the recipes. or you can contact me directly. I would be super glad to hear from you. Thanks for visiting and keep coming.

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