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I’m Marina, the cook, writer, photographer and the brain behind the operation of this tiny blog.

Since childhood, I have always found joy around food. Whether it be my mom, inspite of being a working woman, used to take out time preparing new dishes and the whole family enjoying it. Or it be a festive occasion, when each one of the family members would be involved in preparing festive goodies. Those were the times that I cherish till now.

I'm a Keralite, born and brought up, studied in Maharashtra and now living in Bangalore with my husband and a 7 year old son.


Though I started cooking at an early age, it was later in life when I had to prepare by my own, I found my passion for cooking. My brother being a best critic, always encouraged me trying out new dishes. Later I started taking pics on my mobile and sharing them with my family members. And as I never jotted down, it easily gets vanished from my mind.

My hubby gave me the idea of starting a blog and sharing my recipes. And that was a good idea of having a collection of my own tried and tested recipes.

I love tasting new dishes from outside. But being a mother, makes me think that how can I replicate a dish and make it a healthier version for my family. Almost all the dishes (especially desserts) found here are made without refined flour, butter or sugar. I love trying out new dishes using easily available kitchen ingredients and some healthy alternatives, if it doesn’t bother the original taste as much. Moreover, you will find step by step photos of the food preparation, which will be useful for newbies.

After starting this blog, I have found my new love for photography and food styling, which clearly reflects through my photos here.

Join with me! you can start off browsing the Visual Recipe Index or you can search a recipe by writing an ingredient or a recipe title in the search box found on right sidebar of the page. Try new recipes and let me know how it came out for you by commenting below the post or you can contact me directly. I would be super glad to hear from you. Because it will always encourage me to do better and to serve you better. Thanks for visiting and keep coming.

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I'm Marina, the cook, writer and photographer behind this blog. Flavoured Goodness is an effort to share my experiments with food (veg and non-veg) and healthy alternatives. Read more


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